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We've came across your website and wanted to get an opportunity to help you convert more from your existing visitors. Here is a quick outline of our findings. To get a more comprehensive report with solutions, please contact Samuel Benisty at or by phone at +44 7483-240-364

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Here are some of the elements we've noticed in regards to your website's design:

  • Responsive / Mobile version of the website isn't properly formatted
  • Many pages are almost identical
  • Footer doesn't provide enough details/information
  • Buttons aren't consistent
  • Too many different fonts used – Try to be more consistent
  • Too much text, not enough graphics/photos
  • Not enough photos to detail the product
  • Main real estate (above the fold) is taking too much space to promote just 1 product or service
  • Website looks different depending on the browser

Here are some of the elements we've noticed in regards to your website's code:

  • Too many dead links
  • No social meta tags in the headers
  • No meta keywords in the header (although disregarded by Google, it is still important to other search engines)
  • No Mobile viewport code in the header
  • CSS and Javascript files are too heavy
  • Javascript errors found across the website
  • Global page speed load time takes too long (therefore has a negative impact on SEO & could repeal impatient visitors)

Here are some of the elements we've noticed in regards to your website's accessibility:

  • Doesn’t validate W3C – Which becomes mandatory
  • The tablet version of your website doesn't render properly
  • The mobile version of your website doesn't render properly when seen horizontally
  • The mobile version of your website doesn't render properly when seen vertically

Here are some of the elements we've noticed in regards to your website's SEO:

  • Images are too heavy
  • No sitemap
  • Length of page titles are too long
  • Add more external links
  • Website is too slow / Page speed issues
We provide you with the Solutions!

Don't worry Mehrunissa Nizarali! Most of the websites have at least the same amount of issues we found than yours!

Our mission is simple… We investigate, dissect websites with the unique goal in mind to increase your conversion rates. Since you are in a very competitive industry online, simple changes / updates per our recommendations could boost your sales up to 200% more! Why should you spend more money and efforts towards advertising campaigns when you could simply convert more of your existing traffic by applying small changes…

We offer 3 levels of comprehensive audits at affordable rates that will bring you the solutions and answers on how to convert more. An entire team of experts in each of the areas we investigate are dedicated to the task of auditing your website and provide you with an extensive report document that would outline our recommendations (Must do, Good to have, Nice to have) along with details on each of the findings.

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What we know about the Hotel industry

Typically in the hotel industry, a user would want to perform the following actions: Make a booking, review prices for specific dates/availability, see photos of each room types, what amenities are offered, location of the hotel and a map/directions. They will also check the guest reviews on TripAdvisor, Google etc. Based on those criterias, our audits will pay close attention to how easy those goals can be achieved and how to improve them. User reviews, presentation, quality of information are also very important to consider.

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